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The Gift Giver-The Power of Thought

We hear a lot today about "The Power of Thought." And quite frankly, a lot of these “New Thoughts,” that the masses rave about are not “New Thoughts” at all. They are Scriptural based, and if people studied the Bible they would know that.

The Law of Attraction sold billions of books, movies, etc. and from The Law of Attraction came an even bigger attraction called “The Secret.” In themselves they are good and are bringing out simple points in Scripture, but they tend to focus on the gifts or the manifestation of gifts, but not on “The Gift Giver!”

What Your Going to Learn Today

So, today we’re going to talk about the Power of Thought and focus on 1. The Gift Giver 2. The Science or Law behindReceiving,” and 3. How to Use this Law or Principle to receive the gifts from the Gift Giver!!

The Gift Giver

The structure behind all Law, is Love, Light or Understanding, and Purpose! You see, because God is Love, Everything God does is from Love and He gives Love to us through Law or principle.

For instance, there is a law called photosynthesis and this law says that whenever a plant or vegetation receive light and water they will grow. Ideally, they grow in dirt, but they don’t have to. Plants can grow in a container with water. However, dirt supplies minerals that the water may not unless it’s added.

So, this Law called “photosynthesis,” works the same for all plants, and for all people who grow plants, and for all dirt that comes into contact with a seed.

When you don’t educate yourself, you live with a curse of ignorance. Without knowledge of such you wouldn’t know for instance that you can plant food for yourself, by saving the seeds, drying them out and replanting them a year or so later. So, you will not receive the blessings of growing your own food to sustain your body due to lack of knowledge.

There is “science,” behind God’s words” and there is science behind our words. The words we think, say, and believe all cause creation for us and those in our lives are affected by our thoughts and our beliefs, and our actions.

Spirit/God was all there was at the time of creation so all God created from was from the Substance or Stuff that God is! Therefore, God or Spirit, is the Power that know Itself.

God or Spirit or our Source our Creator was and is self-conscious, self-aware, and self-knowing. And because all is created is created by God, God is All-Knowing!

When I think about this I’m reminded of the little I learned in Chemistry, the scientific table of 118 elements in the table. and everything that exist or that was ever created and will ever be created is from these elements in different amounts. For instance H20 is one atom of of hydrogen and to atoms of oxygen.

So, we can say that when God Being One, Undivided, moving upon Himself with a purpose, created, whatever it was that He, God “first desired, thought and spoke.” He called forth these elements and they obeyed him and formed into the thing or things that he God, the Father, God the Son, and Wisdom desired.

“God,” in Genesis is a plural, meaning more than one! Elohim.

We find out who God is and who was present at creation from reading Scripture. Gen 1:1, John 1: 1, and Prov. 8 we find out about Wisdom or, the feminine aspect of God were all present when creation happened.

Creation becomes Easy When We Understand it!

So, the next question is, what does this have to do with you and me?

You and I, was created in the image and Likeness of God. The Image or having the outside appearance, and likeness, having the inner characteristics of Father/Mother/Wisdom God!

“Don’t you now that you are “gods,” and children of the Most-High King?” Ps. 82:6

And having that likeness we too, are Creators and create our lives by the “Power of our Thoughts.” Our desires produce our thoughts and our thoughts become things like our Father/Creator.

Yes, you are hearing me right, “We have the right to create our lives and are expected to create our lives the way we want them to be this is Gods plan and desire for us, to be happy, to create, to be abundant, to believe. Whatever we want we can have if we know who we are and the principle behind the Power of our Thoughts.



---WHEN WE THINK, whatever we think produces outcomes for ourselves. That is, all positive thoughts, and all Negative Thoughts, so it would behoove you and I to become very careful what we think about.

Sometimes, we hold on to thoughts that are negative, thoughts of self-hatred, or hatred of others. Thoughts of doubt and disbelief… Thoughts of illness and poverty. Thoughts of sin, sickness and death and so, this is what we get in our lives.


---Paul says in the book of Romans 12: 1-2 that we should be transformed by the “renewing of our minds.”As a matter of fact, Paul is BEGGING us to! He says, I “Beseech You!” which means “I beg you!

---Why should somebody else have to beg you and I to learn how to think right? Ha?

Because we don’t know how, evidently, right! You agree?

We don’t know because when we were born we forgot that we were connected to the Almighty, Omnipotent, All Knowing, Ever-present ONE.

This is how we Use this Law or principle called, “The Power of thought.”

1. By building relationship, by knowing and remembering who we are,

2. By deliberately thinking positive thoughts

3. banishing the negative thoughts and building a “New Life” for ourselves and loved ones.

Don’t that you are “gods” and “Children” of the Most-High? No, you didn’t know, but I’m telling you now so you know.

Think of it like a lump of clay. Imagine that you have a large ball of clay and, Lets say that it’s God.

Now, imagine with me that you’re pulling off a little piece of that large ball of clay and it’s YOU!

Now, ask yourself, “What am I made up of? What am I, Whose am I?” YES, YES, YES!

I AM THAT! Pointing at God/or the big lump of Clay!


We can go to god directly on our own for what we want and need.

The Method of Planting Creative Thought!

  1. We Think it

  2. We plan it generally outline it,

  3. We speak it and envision it daily.

  4. We do our part and The Universal Law and Principal that we just established above does the rest. Then

  5. It Appears.

If you want to know more about “how Universal Law and Principles work,” I’ve written more about it in my book, Love and Law, which you can order from my website. I’ll put the link below. It tells you how to Understand the Love of God Though Nature and expounds on Universal Laws and Principles and how they work in our lives.

Thank you for joining me today. Namaste, the God in my salutes the God in you, stay in peace, study and manifest your dreams. See you next week, God allowing, same time and place. You can watch this session here later if you came in late.

Next Weeks Topic is Our Relationship to the Spiritual Universe! You don’t want to miss that!

Click on the link below to order Love and Law: and if you’d like Coaching see my coaching page. All my books and products have a spiritual foundation and lead to Personal Freedom.

Peace and Blessings!

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