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End Times, The Failing Dollar and The New World Order!

End Time Prophecy

The story of the 10 Virgins in the Book of Mathew chapter 25; 5 wise and 5 foolish has been stuck in my head over the past couple of months. The story is of ten virgins 5 wise and 5 foolish who heard the bridegrooms call to come out to meet him. The 5 wise left but took a lamp with oil, but the 5 foolish left with lamps with no oil.

During the night they heard the bridegrooms call and the 5 unwise virgins asked the wise virgins to share their oil with them but the 5 wise virgins said “No.”

The five foolish virgins ended up missing the wedding because they had to go back and get oil; otherwise, they were not ready. Of course this is a parable about the gathering of the saints to Yahusha! This story serves as a reminder to myself and those who will listen to be prepared for their blessing, which in this story was the arrival of the Bridegroom.

But, blessings don’t come easy, they come after much effort, sacrifice and sometimes suffering. But those who are diligent will eventually receive their rewards.

For the past few weeks I’ve been sharing with you what the Bible says about the end times, in order to get to the place where I can bring it all together with our history as a people, our government, and the New World Order, then tell you what I believe. So, lets continue to examine information and work toward achieving this goal. Then finally, you’ll have more information that can help you determine what is is true.

So many people think that their religion alone is the truth so they never look outside the box of their conditioning. They don’t think they can learn any truth outside their religion so the shun those outside their religious belief systems. These people love to debate but can never fully show you how and why what they believe is true from any source other than their religious books.

Conditioned into Confusion

I’ve always thought that if a thing/religion is true, it should be validated or substantiated from other sources outside itself. If a grape stood on a corner in the center of a small town and cried aloud day and night, “I’m a grape, I’m a grape.” People who’ve never seen a grape before would likely never question if it was a grape or not. They would emphatically proclaim that this was a grape and that it was the only grape in the world.

So, let’s say a person who grew up in that town all their life finally travel outside their purple grape town and everywhere they went they saw, orange grapes, green grapes, yellow grapes, etc., They would at first believe all the other grapes outside their city were false grapes, “Impostors, I say!” Then they may think many years later perhaps that maybe their grape was wrong and should have been orange like all the other grapes.

The problems lie in the fact that the histories and people that give us our beliefs, bibles etc. mostly have an agenda, and that agenda is the same as the government; to milk us for all they can whilst feeding us lies about our grape. After a while nobody knows what’s true. Which grape came first, or second. Does the first grape seen mean all the other grapes of other colors are not true grapes but instead are “Imposters?”

The questions go on and on with no resolve but, become more problematic when all the grapes proclaim to be the true grape and that all others are impostors. And another problem is that within the town where the original purple grape exists to a handful of people, many diverse stories of that same purple grape and its origin exist. How ridiculous it all seems but when were talking about a grape, but, when the “grape,” is said to be the holder of our redemption it gets crazy.

What has been created for us are problems that cannot be resolved ever because we can and never will all agree on which grape is/was the first true grape because everyone telling the story saw that one green, orange or purple most all their lives. It’s still hard for me to eat purple potatoes or blood oranges because I never seen them most my life.

This is sort of a description of how I view religion. The only way I can reasonably see a resolve to the madness is to look at the whole purpose of the grape. Is the reason the grape is here the same across the board, or in every town the grapes grew up in? Yes, and the purpose of the grape is to provide nourishment to those who can eat from them.

I told you this story because it’s a conundrum to many, which grape is the truth is just as ridiculous as which religion is the truth and all the conflict that grapes of different color cause. We claim we are intelligent human being created in the image and likeness of the Creator/God!

So, lets remember the insanity that encircles the world of religion, through the story of the grape to see the insanity in our cultural diversity/race, and then in our individual minds, and then take a look at the insanity that’s ensued in our monetary systems, political systems, government systems, our education systems, our family systems, and finally within ourselves, to see if there is any consistency in our circles of insanity in this crazy hazy maze we call life.

We’re either going to find out that we’re all stupid or naive, and that we’ve been conditioned into confusion, or that we’ve “all” been lied to and deceived.

The Failing US Dollar

Examining history, religion, diet and health, secret societies etc. we cannot afford to have information from only one source, but please make sure you sources are reputable sources. Karen Hudes, Former Legal Council, World Bank, Speaks Out

The dollar’s role as the world’s premier reserve currency was established in 1944 by the Allied powers in what was known as the Bretton Woods international monetary system.

A reserve currency (or anchor currency) is currency that is held in significant quantities by governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves. The reserve currency is commonly used in international transactions, international investments and all aspects of the global economy.

Simply put, the Bretton Woods system was an arrangement whereby a country’s currency was tied to the US dollar through a fixed exchange rate, and the US dollar itself was tied to gold at a fixed exchange rate.

“Government doesn’t exist without the people; without us, it will collapse.” Bro Qu, Suunel University over on YouTube, who I’ve been studying with recently to understand my blackness! My roots and why that matters in todays society. I’m going to have him join us soon and answer some questions and explain why our history and nationality matters so much.

“Where playing a game that was not designed for us to win!” Qu says and I concur! It’s time to Wake Up People! Even if there was no such thing as religion or prophecy we still need to educate ourselves on our history and our government in much more thorough ways then we were taught in our schools.

In my 2014 Blog, “The Federal Reserve Bank, Your Baby Daddy,” on Facebook, I discussed/explained how the Federal Reserve Bank funded our cash flow with gold and how we printed money over the amount of gold in the Federal Reserve Bank by the trillions. As a result many countries figured out a way to have the debt paid back and they did so by pledging you and I/it’s citizens as collateral to the federal reserve to pay back the debt/the money they borrowed and spent.

With the invention of the Birth Certificate and SS number we were systemized and logged on the Stock Market as Commodities.

Yes, some of the money went to funding welfare and social services, but the bulk of the money was spent in war, greed, abundant salaries and recent bailouts to banks and car dealerships.

It seems to me that our Government has over the millennia trampled on our inalienable rights and continued to find countless ways to enslave us in poverty and ignorance, time after time and centuries after centuries.

Karen Hudes, Former Legal Counsel, World Bank, Speaks Out on YouTube about!

Global Corporate Control.

…Treasury dollars until the Oram (new treasury notes with gold in them) once that’s minted. On YouTube DC TV

A Singapore Chairman International Trade Council/Global Debt Facility


*TVM, LSM 666 is a forum for discussion for Bankers and Fed Reserve, says it a military issue.

She says we’re not dealing with the One World Order, but it’s completely opposite.

How to Prepare for the Reset

  1. Get situated in a group of friends, at least 4 people because there is safety in numbers.

  2. First thing the group will do is tell you who you really are!!! People you will trust

  3. Discuss or figure out what’s really going on.

  4. Apply for a handgun, but hope for a peaceful handgun

  5. Timeframe, no firm answer…

  6. Stay alert, study weekly, news and updates from people like me there are plenty on Youtube

Copyright 2018 The Personal Freedom Center, Freedom Gale, feel free to use this article in full or in part with this credit of the Author and Website intact.

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