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Twenty-Nine Million People Die Each Year in the US From  Food Related Diseases!          

Eating Organic and raw fruits nuts and vegetables is a great way to jump-start your body from a diseased state to a healthy state. 


You can get healthy by eating more raw foods, but it may not be the best eating plan for you for life. There should be a healthy balance in every dietary plan including the raw food diet plan. 


I started eating all raw around 2015. I lasted six months before feeling very weak and hungry. I'm talking about, excessive weakness and hunger so, I started adding more organic clean meats to my diet and potatoes occasionally and started feeling better immediately.


It's about finding the right ratio of raw to cooked foods for your particular body. I eat 75% percent raw foods or cooked vegetables daily and 25% carbs.


There are some days I don't eat raw at all. In the winter or cooler months when I crave warm foods I skip the daily cold salads and add more warmed raw soups prepared in my Vitamix and stir-fry bean sprouts and other veggies to add to it. Yum Yum!


My Food Journey

old me.jpg

January 2000

If I Can 3.JPG


Septermber 2019

After life circumstances had beaten me down, once again, I became an emotional eater. I avoided pictures then, this is the only one I could find. 

Divorced, 5 children, stress, depression, and illness caught up with me. I was diagnosed with about 5 autoimmune diseases. After my divorce in 2004, I gained about 70 lbs. (pic in red)


Sometimes I felt like I wanted to leave this difficult life and the world around me. But, because of my children, I kept trying and stayed in the game of life. Also, I'd been dealt a difficult hand in my youth and adult life. I didn't want to go out, fat, unhealthy, and defeated emotionally.  So, I decided to stay in the fight. 

Making small changes over time gave me the discipline I needed to establish healthier eating habits and heal my body from various autoimmune conditions. I knew how to eat healthily, I learned as an Adventist. After my rebellion or ejection from the Adventist church, I was free-falling for many years.  I had to learn to start forgiving life and loving me. 

I started my raw food journey a couple of years ago. I could only do it about ten days at a time before I started giving in to cravings or, suffering from the detoxing and then adding more cooked foods. Before long, I was eating the way I use to, mostly cooked with a salad four to five days per week. 


As a result, I felt great a couple of weeks, lost a few pounds and then gain them back, and going back to suffering from Hidradenitis, Leaky Gut, and allergies and food sensitivities and other autoimmune issues.


Not to mention watching my sugar intake so I could continue avoiding the horrors of diabetic medication. 

As I continue on the path of my raw food journey, my health and mental clarity continue to improve daily. I've lost 40 pounds since the holidays (Thanksgiving 2016), and am really enjoying my food! 

Since the New Year, I've been sticking to eighty percent raw, and 20 percent cooked. But, I'd revert back to foods that were hard on my body with the cooked foods. Even though I was doing better, I was still suffering from HS again. So, 10 days ago, a week before Thanksgiving, I made a decision to go all raw.


What a profound difference I'm experiencing.


  • I'm losing a pound a day or more and keeping it off. 

  • The Hidradenitis is getting more manageable and,

  • I am sleeping better and 

  • Have lost the pain in my joints

  •                And my blood sugars are low enough for me to stay off the horrible

  •      meds that have the same side effects as the autoimmune disease.




Health and Emotions 

Our thoughts and feelings and our diet or, the food we eat, affect our emotions in positive and negative ways. This has been scientifically proven. On my journey to wellness,  I realized that I was an emotional eater. I ate when I was happy and I ate when I was sad.  This is the reason I had to make my eating habits a focus of my emotional recovery. 


Being out of balance in one Personal Freedom Pathway, automatically make us unhealthy in all the others, which is why Health Coaching is offered in my Transformational Packages and is an instrumental part of your transformation and personal growth. 


For these reasons, As a Personal Development Life Coach, I decided to add healthy eating plans as a focus of my Coaching. 


My Raw Gluten-Free Granola

raw granola.jpg

This is not my first time attempting the raw food plan. It's actually my third time trying and I'm happy to report it's going well.


I felt a sense of urgency in changing my eating habits because my health issues were not improving and I don't want to be a statistic and die in my mid-fifties from a food-related disease. 


It's expected for  some  races and classes of people to remain in ignorance and not take the time to learn how to  eat  healthy and to care enough  to make  such an important changes for themselves and their families.  



It's essential for all races and social classes. 

Now let Me teach You how!




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