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A few years ago, I came across a video on Understanding Your Strawman on YouTube. From there I began watching videos on Acceptance for Value. Slowly and shockingly truth began settling or should I say "un-settling" in my mind. I was hesitant to talk to anyone about it for some time because it sounded far-fetched. But, curiosity kept me coming back. I say, truth and freedom found me, though I’m always a seeker of truth I didn’t’ find it, it found me.


I believe this truth came to me because I kept asking questions; I wanted to know what all this meant. Finally, and after some time I started researching it more fully mostly for financial reasons. I had become ill and didn’t want to be a burden to my husband or anyone else so, thinking this would help me somehow, I kept researching.

This is almost becoming a hard story to tell because it’s like a rabbit hole of information. Once you think you’ve figured it out or understand, more is revealed. Studying is what each of us is going to have to do to lay hold on the apparent blessings on the other side of the first action you will take, “Declaring Your Nationality.”


Understanding Your “STRAWMAN”


Your STRAWMAN is the corporate or fake person representative of you. The United States became a Corporation around 1930 and at that time it also filed bankruptcy. Who knew a company could file bankruptcy? The US was printing more greenbacks against the amount of gold that was in the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank. Eventually, the dollar continued to lose its value and the Federal Reserve wanted its money back from the US.

The US during the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt came up with a GRAND SCHEME to pledge the lives of American citizens to pay back the debt owed. They developed the birth certificate and social security system to track our earnings and placed taxes on us to pay back the monies to the Federal Reserve. This is a simple explanation. I will expound more in future posts.


Your Strawman has been issued a monetary value and that value is attributed to an account held as a Birth Certificate Trust. Many people teach how to reverse the action and reclaim their STRAWMAN and get access to the funds attributed to their “STRAWMAN” MONETARY ACCOUNT.  These accounts have reported monetary value in the millions.


African Americans Not Citizens

I’ve come to learn that people of color are not nor were never intended to be US citizens. As you follow this story with me here or in my “From Bondage to Freedom” video class online and webpage or blog I will build on this information in the simplest terms possible, without overloading you with reading material.

While you will hear many teachers online teaching this truth I’m striving here to uniquely give you the Spiritual Perspective or Biblical History on this story and how we as African Americans or Blacks, or People of Color… have a different plight and remedy than Europeans here in the United States.


Jacob Steals His Brothers Birthright

Of course, I was outraged at the history of how this whole situation came about, and I still am. But, the more I studied, the more I found that it has Biblical bases. Abraham was given the title, Father of a Great Nation by Yah! Remember the story of Abraham, his son Isaac, had two sons Jacob and Esau. When Isaac was dying he wanted to bless his eldest son Esau first, but Esau, conspiring with their Mother Elizabeth dressed Jacob up like his brother Esau and stole his birthright/blessing while Abraham was losing his sight on his deathbed? Jacob received the blessing that was meant for Esau. Well, here we are today.


The Hebrews people counted the blessing given by the father to be very important and considered it an oral contract, which was just as binding as a written contract. The birthright was the natural privilege of the firstborn son. Receiving the birthright. After receiving the birthright, the firstborn son would become the head of the family and would have charge of the family, including the family property. He would be responsible for the welfare of the younger sons, the widow, and any unmarried daughters. He would exercise considerable authority over the other members of the family. The blessing that he received would also place him in a special covenant relationship with the Lord. During the Patriarchal period when Jacob and Esau lived, God dealt directly with the heads of the families.


And he said, “Is not he rightly named Jacob [deceiver]? for he hath supplanted me these two times: he took away my birthright; and, behold, now he hath taken away my blessing (Genesis 27:36).


Wake-Up to Your Birthright - Nationality!

Declaring your Nationality is specific to indigenous people of color born in the United States, Asian, Samoan, Puerto Ricans, etc. Our birthright as “Blacks, or African Americans,” was stolen from us. Declaring your Nationality is taking back your/our birthright. All these generations we have been in the dark about who we really are as dependents of Abraham and therefore, the Children of Israel.


In the case of Jacob, he bought the birthright from Esau for a bowl of pottage, a kind of bean stew. He took advantage of him on a day when he came in from the fields and was hungry. Esau was angry with himself when for giving up his birthright and with his brother for “really” taking it. He felt taken advantage of. Personally speaking, if my brother stole my birthright and used it for good, I would soon get over it, if I couldn’t get it back. However, if he used it with evil intent, I would strive until the day I died to get it back.



Over the coming months, I will continue to expound on this story in more detail in a video series made available. You will clearly see and understand the Biblical history and see where we are and who we are and what tribe we fit into as the dependents of Israel. This story begins in the book of Genesis and ends in the book of Revelation and has more drama than General Hospital and “LeBron and the Pips”! ...


The Juice of it All! 

  Notice what Jacob told his sons. “And Jacob called his sons and said,
‘Gather together, that I may tell you what shall befall you in the last
( Genesis 49:1).

Israel’s prophecy that followed was not for his day or for
the time when his descendants would come out of Egypt and enter into
the Promised Land. It was for the end-times! Clearly, the descendants of

Israel were still to exist at the end-time as separate, identifiable tribes... to be con't.

How to Declare Your Nationality-Ten Easy Steps

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