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Why Should You Declare Your Nationality?


  1. Your Body is A Corporation, its operation is based on Maritime Law!

  2. The United States is a Corporation since 1933. We are all debtors and slaves to pay back the national debt.

  3. There is really no money. We create money with our signature.

  4. Almost Everything we’ve been taught is a lie!

  5. We are not free!

  6. People of Color had their history stolen and are mostly still confused about who we are and why there is so much prejudice against us. We were here before Columbus!

  7. When you claim your nationality, you take your power back and Honor Yah by Coming out of Babylonia!

  8. You will no longer be an ignorant slave.

  9. You come out of the Babylonian system and her punishments promised by Yah!

  10. You reap benefits such as physical and financial, spiritual, religious and emotional freedom.

Here is some of the information that motivated me to keep on seeking. When I was ready the information started coming to me and it’s still coming. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Birth Certificate

It seems none of us have our original Birth Certificates -- they are all copies. And the copies have a serial number on them, issued on special Bank Bond paper and authorized by "The American Bank Note Co." Huh?

Who's Your Daddy?

ABCorp (American Banknote Corporation) is an American corporation and world leader providing secure payment, retail and ID cards, vital record and transaction documents, systems and services to governments and financial institutions - and is one of the largest producers of plastic transaction cards in the world. The ABCorp organization was originally a major worldwide engraver of national currency and postage stamps.

On April 29, 1858, following the Panic of 1857, seven of the nation’s most prominent security printers merged to form the American Bank Note Company. The new company made New York City its headquarters. Less than two years later, the remaining handful of independent bank note printers merged to form the National Bank Note Company that we know of today.

To be close to the stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and banks in lower Manhattan, the American Bank Note Company established its New York City.

The first paper currency was circulated by the US Treasury Department following the outbreak of the Civil War. Congress passed authorizing legislation for $60 million worth of these “Demand Notes” on July 17 and August 5, 1861. Under contract with the government, the novel paper money, called “greenbacks” by the public, was produced by the American Bank Note Co. and the National Bank Note Co. A total of 7.25 million notes were produced in denominations of $5, $10, and $20. In an interesting historical sidelight, American and National were also producing paper money for the Confederacy at the same time.

American Bank Note Company, Share certificate (1944)

Following the initial production of U.S. currency by the government’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing in 1862, ABCorp sought a new source of demand for its services. They found it in foreign lands. The company would eventually go on to supply security paper and bank notes to 115 foreign countries.[2]

The truth is stranger than fiction. But here it is:

It seems that by 1913 the United States was short of cash. World War I had depleted the treasury and there were several really bad financial panics -- in 1907 especially -- so the country needed to print more money than it had as equity to restore confidence in the money supply and get the economy back on its feet.

How Can they do this? Great question?

You see; when you or I need more money, we use something as collateral and go to a bank for a loan. When a country needs more money, it has to go somewhere also. But in 1913 there wasn't anywhere to go. So, the US created the Federal Reserve Act. This established a private central bank (The Federal Reserve Bank) that would regulate the amount of money the US government was allowed to borrow and put in circulation. It also would expect to be repaid, like any bank, with interest.

After only 20 years things went from bad to worse. During Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency, in 1933, the US was unable to pay its debt. The county was bankrupt. The private banks that made up the Federal Reserve demanded their money and Roosevelt responded. He had to use the only thing left of any value to pay the banks and continue doing business with them -- the citizens of our country. That’s right, you and me!

Exactly how all this was orchestrated is too lengthy to be addressed here, but this much can be told. The original birth or naturalization record for every U.S. Citizen is on file in the official records in Washington, D.C. (you get to keep a copy!) and the property and assets of every living U.S. Citizen is pledged as collateral for the National Debt! This means