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The Truth about Religion, New Age and the Pope!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Here’s a link to the video for this blog below, if you like you can watch it on Facebook. I deleted the one for YouTube by mistake and will not make it again.

Today is Sunday, March 18th 2018, yesterday, I woke up feeling fine. I set out to study since it was Sabbath and ended up watching a couple of YouTube videos on Atlantis, the Illuminate, Hitler etc., and ended up feeling depressed. I’ve come to hate religion at times and seeing how this all has to do with racism, white supremacy passed down for ages, makes me ill.

I knew this was going on in the world for some time, but to the degree that its pattern runs throughout history and religion, even before Hitler, absolutely sickens me. There are floods of tears inside me and I actually feel like crying. I feel depressed, sick, unworthy. All the negatives I’ve fought to get rid of over the years have again overtaken me and I don’t rightly know how to absorb it all.

I heard it, I believe it, but, I don’t want to accept this as reality, as what the world is really all about. It’s not that I feel defeated, its perhaps that I’ve dealt with racism, hatred, and rejection from people my whole life and now I see the hatred is so much bigger than that. Why, because of the color of skin, because of race, greed, power and control?

I don’t enjoy being a part of a world that is so shallow. I lavish myself in the Love of God, in loving others, the love of and from my husband and loving him and our families. Those relationships provide enough of a challenge daily.

Hatred is so destructive to the inner self! It strips one of self-love and feelings of worthiness flee. Then to see where the aim of these beliefs go--- to teach lies and deception--- that "The 144 thousand will be made up of conscious and enlightened people on earth and that Armageddon will take place only partially in the real world." The Annanuki and the Alien Agenda...! Oh my, my, my!

The 144,000 saints are those who have come through the Time of Tribulation and didn't take the Mark of the Beast.

After watching the “Truth” about what’s going on in a sequential order in that YouTube Video, "The Secret that brought it all home for me left me feeling unworthy. I had to Banish the

Negative Chatter…

I am not worthy

People don’t want to be my friend

Success is difficult.

I can’t do this, meaning this class today,

I felt like a coward and I wanted to stay in the bed and hide today. I had to spend some good time journaling to figure out how I got back to the sullen negative thoughts I'd worked so hard over the years to get rid of by watching this video or video's about the Pope, the history of religion and the New Age Movement.

It was about the racism, and hearing how racism has been tied to religion and the government before the time of Hitler. The "White Supremacy," and the comments about using "lesser beings, (people of color) as slaves and allowing the Annanuki or Alien beings to use people of color for subjects for their experimentation.

I know many poor lower class whites that claimed to be abducted by aliens too. But, their aim was/is for people of color. These are New Age Teachings and are from the Luciferian Agenda!


NOW... I understand more fully why God says, “Though shall have no other Gods before me!” NOW, I understand Gods anger and frustration with His creations... All of them! Lucifer, the Fallen angels, The Beast of Revelation and the Kings of the Earth, and disobedient people…

I watched this video thinking it was going to show me the history of the lost city of Atlantis, but its intention is to capture weak and ignorant minds into believing these abominable ideas and this both shocked and angered me. I know that people who don’t know the Bible will believe it and where will that belief take them.

I already know people who believe these things or did in the past. I guess I should start weeping and praying for them and myself.

These are the people who don’t listen when you try and tell them what the Bible says about anything. I had a friend who stopped speaking to me some years ago because she told me she was listening to some woman every morning on YouTube, who channels an alien being and brings messages, like Abraham Hicks, and I cautioned her against it.

I’m not a Bible thumper, anymore anyways, meaning, and I don’t beat others over the head with Biblical teachings and the Word is in me, but right now I wish I could shake some people and wake them up!

After spending 3 hours of my afternoon in what was supposed to be sacred time with God nourishing my soul, "SITTING IN THE CAR WITH GOD," on our weekly date; ended in sickening my soul ruining the rest of my day and even today, I am still in a mental funk. It sank so deep within me.

Even if I pretend I never watched, seen, or heard what they said, I can’t never forget it.

I enjoy a simple life, currently, I don’t have a lot of people in it but the few that are, I trust and love and they love and trust me back.

I have to pray to get past these feelings because today and each day should bring endless joy and possibilities, reaching, learning, loving, growing in positive directions. I refuse to give this day away to morning the sickening state of our world, and so I am here.

… If you don’t know the Bible you will get sucked into these teachings. There are different levels of beliefs, Christianity, New Age, and we can’t even believe all the Bible gives us because it’s been altered by the Bishops of Rome! I already knew this but, these facts came out in the first video, it’s not just me who has said it now, they admit it themselves.

I didn’t even want to talk about it and disturb other people’s mindset in my Sunday Facebook Live Class, but maybe somebody needs to hear this message. Or maybe I just need to show the real me always… I’m not here to perform for you anyhow, I’m hear to bring you truth and freedom through knowing and understanding the truth.

The Pope claims to be the Vicar of Christ, meaning, "Standing in the place of God on Earth." The Catholic church claims to be given this authority by a scripture in the book of Mathew.

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades shall not overpower it. Mathew 16:18. The rock is actually referring to Jesus. And the Bible does not say anywhere that the “rock or Peter,” was the Pope of the Catholic Church. They gave that title to their Popes themselves.

There is a television series on now called, “The Pope, the most Powerful man in the World.” You can watch it on demand on CNN, there are more episodes to come over the next few weeks.

This is why I continually tell people that we don’t need any authority over us spiritually. It’s the Holy Spirits job to govern us Spiritually and it our job to facilitate that in happening. By understanding what the Holy Spirit is and by cultivating that relationship until it overflows us and guides us in every moment, awake and while we’re sleeping.

So, perhaps the best thing I can do hear today is leave you with some facts about the Holy Spirit or, “The Spirit of God.”

Let’s Recap Here What the Bible Teaches…. Number One

  1. God openly communicated with Adam and Eve in the Garden until they disobeyed Him or sinned.

They lost that open communication with God in the Garden of Eden after listening to Satan when Eve ate the apple then gave it to Adam to eat.

  1. The Children of Israel were guided by God in the form of a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night!

  2. During the Old Testament times we have God the guiding The Children of Israel, through prophets. And the High Priest officiating in the Holy Place once a year on the Day of Atonement until...

  3. Jesus came… He came as God in the form of man, or the Son of God and the Son of Man. When Jesus was crucified, He left us the Holy Spirit as our Guide.

  4. The Holy Spirit is still our Guide, our one and only Guide until the world is made new.

So, let me give you some more facts about our Guide, the Holy Spirit though my favorite book on the subject. "The Holy Spirit Handbook," by Mike Murdock.

From the book:

1.The Holy Spirit often warns us of impending danger 2. Recognition of His Voice could stop thousands of unnecessary deaths, tragedies and difficulties. 3. Recognition of His Voice could avoid many broken marriages and homes. 4. Recognition of His Voice can unlock waves of favor and blessing 5. The Voice will always connect you with uncommon people in your life 6. Recognition of His Voice brings inner peace 7. Recognition of His Voice unlock uncommon prosperity 8. The Voice of the Spirit can change the financial seasons of your life in a moment.

9.When your conscience feels convicted. You are hearing the Voice of the Spirit. 10.When you read the Word of God, you are hearing the Voice of the Spirit.

11.The most important thing in your life is recognition of the Voice of the Holy Spirit. 12) His Voice is the only voice that truly matters.


13) Listen to His voice before you listen to the needs of your family. 14) Listen to His Voice before your doctor enters the room with news of unbelief and doubt. 15) Listen to His Voice before others have an opportunity to affect you. 16) Listen to His Voice instead of the critical words of others who desire to break your focus and destroy your self-confidence 17) Listen to His Voice and your attitude will change miraculously to faith and new victory and hope. 18) Listen to His Voice before you listen to the voice of doubters.Your faith is the gate to your future. 19) Listen to His Voice before you listen to the ideas and suggestions of those near you. Ideas are not commands. 20) Listen to His Voice before you make any comment to men of your time, money or enthusiasm. 21) Listen to His Voice before you make any dramatic or significant changes in your life or ministry. 22) Recognition of His Voice enables you to know your Assignment, discern the pitfalls and unleash your faith for the next season of achievement in your life. (pg. 20-21)

The Holy Spirit is the only Spiritual Guide given to us today from God! He speaks to you and I through our conscious minds, through the word of God, through other people, through books, even a tv show can be a teaching tool.

The Spirit of God will lead you into all truth, and guide you into all your good in all situations and will keep you from harmful situations when you listen.

More about Annanuki

Some facts about the Papacy/the Pope/The Beast of Rev 13

"13:1 This beast is similar to the dragon from Revelation 12. They both have “seven heads and ten horns.” Revelation 17:10 shows us that the seven heads are seven consecutive world powers- earthly governments Satan uses to persecute God’s faithful church. The dragon is Satan working through pagan religions, the occult and spiritualism, while the beast symbolizes Satan working in disguise, using the corrupted Christian church to do his work. In verse 5 we see that the beast continues “forty and two months” (the 1,260 year period of Papal dominance). In verse 7 it makes “war with the saints,” persecuting Christ’s true followers who struggled to maintain the truth of God’s Word. This beast is none other than the Papal church system. It arose as predicted among the populated nations of Europe, symbolized by “the sea” and the “ten horns.” Revelation 17:15."

The videos that I referred to watching on YouTube are 1. “The Secret Brotherhood of the Atlantis,” and 2. The Origin of Mankind and the Secrets of the Atlantis. Came on right after the first one. But, I can’t find the link to it today.

Normally, I post the video here and on YouTube but I deleted by mistake so it can only be seen on Facebook, use the link here.

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