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Our Relationship to the Spiritual Universe!

Hi and welcome back to “Freedom Speaks,” I’m Freedom Gale!

1.Today we will discuss our relationship to the Spiritual Universe by answering these four questions.

(PRAYER): AS WE place ourselves in the presence of Divine Wisdom we ask to be guided by our Creators good wisdom and that the light of the Spirit of God shine it’s love and truth in our hearts and minds and make it all clear- and let it be a blessing to us all! And we affirm, “And so it is.”

What is the Universe ?

Today we will discuss our relationship to the Spiritual Universe by answering these four questions.

1.What is the Mind of the Universe? 2. What is the Body of the Universe 3. What is the Soul of the Universe, and 4. What Does it have to Do With Us or What is our Relationship to the Spiritual Universe?

  1. Last week we discussed the “Power of Thought, The Gift Giver,” and how we’ve been taught to focus on the gifts without concerning ourselves with a relationship of love to the Gift Giver, OR God!

I explained to you all how to manifest your life the way you desire more easily and readily with a strong connection to your innermost and outermost power, who we call God.

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Now, let’s get into Our Lesson- The Universe is called “The Great Triune or Trinity of Spirit, Soul and Body.” The body being the result, the effect, the objectification of Spirit or Spirit in form.

All off the planets are called, “Heavenly Bodies” for a reason. In ways unknown to us they help deliver to us all we think into it, all we believe for and desire through Love and Law.

3. My two favorite books in my Life have been, 1. The Bible and 2. The Science of Mind.” By Earnest Holmes. I have read them both front to cover and dissected them both thoroughly.


1. The Mind of the Universe is the Mind of God, or First Cause. We are all connected to this one mind and all our thoughts are contained in and are thought from this one Mind. This Mind is everywhere and in everything and in everybody.

There is no thought that you and I can think that is not already contained in the Mind of God or, in the Mind of the Universe.

The Mind of God is One Mind because in the beginning of all Creation, God was all there was and everything that God created, he created from the stuff that He is made of.

You can say that the Mind of God and the Spirit of God are the same thing because Mind is conscious awareness, the ability to think, to know, to be and become! It’s the same with us!

The Mind of the Universe operates from the Mind of God and it’s the same with us. Our minds as well operate from the ONE MIND. We are all connected. We abide in God and God abides in us. The Creation Story tells how this is all possible.

When Adam was created…..

So, we are the offspring of God, the children of the Most High and being so, we are One with God, One in God and God is One is Us… and we are One with all of creation or The Universe.

Don’t you know that you are gods and children of the Most High? Ps. 82:6

Philippians 2:

5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

We should walk after the Spirit, and not the flesh….

2. What is the Soul of the Universe?

What is the Soul of the Universe, can be compared to the soil that we plant our seeds in to grow, only it’s invisible to us. The soul of the Universe is the receptacle for the seeds of our thoughts.

In order to understand this, we must first understand that like God, Man is Triune! We are body, soul and spirit. Our minds in themselves do not house our thoughts but is the vehicle through which we process our thinking.

The soul of the universe receives our thoughts through our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the receptacle of our conscious and our unconscious thinking. Again, can be compared