My name is Freedom Gale! I’m looking for individuals who are Ready to Transform their Lives, and, who seek guidance and direction and are Ready to Do the Work Necessary to Achieve Personal Freedom!



Life Coach and Author Vivian Gale, AS, BA is  Founder and CEO of  The Personal Freedom Center,  Gale, coined the term Personal Freedom as an all-encompassing term to describe the state all people strive to achieve.


All of my Books, Speaking and Services encompass My Five Core Pathways to Personal Freedom!




Vivian Gale, Life Coach

and Author, Speaker

Declaring Your Nationality

is the necessity of our times! 

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My Five Core Pathways to Personal Freedom

Spiritual Freedom,  Emotional Freedom,  Religious Freedom,  Physical Freedom, and Financial Freedom!


Of late, I've included

Declaring your Moorish Nationality. Come out of the system that enslaves and harms us and declare your sovereign status. Find out why...

stop talking

Find Personal Freedom with Life Coach and Author, Vivian Gale.


Spiritual Freedom is to know that you are inherently connected to the one Universal Source– a spiritual power- that created all life  

(I call this power  Yah, Yahuah, God, Creator, Source etc…) and to know that no religion or person can give spiritual freedom to you or take spiritual freedom away from you.

Emotional Freedom is being free from emotional bondage. Emotional freedom is the ability to address negative emotions and remove them in order to keep them from negatively impacting your life by manipulating your decisions and behaviors.


In this state of being, you'll have full control over your feelings and are always fully responsible for your feelings and behaviors.

Freeing yourself from negative emotions improves the quality of your health, life. and relationships.

Religious Freedom is learning you have the right to choose at any age and time what religion you accept and live out as your truth. When you achieve that state of freedom, you realize that you do not have to choose any religion, that religion does not define who you are and that God is too big to fit into one religion.

It's ALL  about  Relationship!  Your relationships to God, Self, the world around you and to the Spiritual Universe.



Your Greatest Self.



Using Heart Centered Therapy, Life Coach and Author Vivian Gale walks you through

"Understanding Your Emotional Life,"  in her Live Coaching Seminars!


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Physical Freedom 

Health affects every aspect of Personal Freedom.


Twenty Nine, 29 Million people die each Year in the United States from health-related illnesses.


Feel great physically, emotionally and spiritually by implementing a holistic perspective in your life.. 

 changing the 

way we do business!



Yes, I am very intrigued by your videos as you are very advanced in spiritual development!! I am still seeking truth and I am studying science philosophy religion and esoteric sciences!! I know your book will help me on my journey and I send love and light to you!!


Your spirit is very evolved and passionate which is what I need to inspire me and keep me motivated!! I can see a lot of spiritual depth in your eyes which are the windows to the soul because I think I got it like that!! Take care and I can't wait to

learn from your great spirit sweetie!!"



You are quite a Spiritual Leader! I've listened to some of your interviews, and I have to tell you - the Link between you, and your God Fragment is very strong! You are one of the Voices of God!

Emil (fb)



Telling you Thank YOU is NOT the highest compliment I can give you ~ Evidence of significant CHANGE/GROWTH/ELEVATION/FREEDOM (A more healed to excellent "ME") in my life/person and the expansion of my reach of compassion and aid to our fellow wo/man to heal and elevate our wo/men ~ our people and the world ~ will be the highest compliment I can give YOU ~ With the Creator's/Creatresses's Blessing and YOUR guidance (FART In The WIND ) All Glory and Praise and Honor to our Creatress/Creator for HE/R Omniscient ~ Omnipotent LOVE ~ ~ Bless YOU ~ Lodi  "




Vivian is a modern mystical shaman who is a master at knowing how to break through the layered, structured boundaries and restricted confinements of humanized concrete ~ thereby skillfully freeing the soul and consciousness of those who have become contracted and encased physically, emotionally, and spiritually, by this life‘s manifold hardened and difficult onslaughts.


I n this life, Vivian aka "Freedom," is not only a poet and writer, but she is also a musical therapist and mystical naturopathic doctor in the skilled artistic application of herbs and plants in healing the mind, body, and soul ~ she is also a qualified life experienced emotional counselor, and is one that has achieved such important and honorable eminence through the myriad painful experiences she has personally overcome in passing through innumerable life experienced crisis and personal spiritual initiations to achieve ascendancy over her lower self which has Graced her with the Grand ability to heal others now facing and going through those very same dark corridors of pyramidal proportions that she herself has had to overcome.



(Shaikh Ibrahim Al-
Jahizz M’Backe)
Author of, Rain Of Grace, New & Selected Poems ~

Financial Freedom


Liberty, Independence, Free Will, Sovereignty/Nationality

Financial Freedom completes the Circle of Personal Freedom. Many

people don’t understand the full scope of capitalism and how it impacts us as citizens, both in the United States and abroad causing us to become slaves within our own countries and within our own selves.


I will show through articles, blogs, classes, videos, etc. how capitalism has enslaved us, and offer remedies for financial freedom through, blogs, video's and classes! So, stay tuned! 


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