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Emotional Freedom/Developing Healthier Relationships, Dealing with Negative Emotions,  Physical Freedom/Health and Wellness, (Proper Eating for Weight Loss and Health Issues),    Spiritual and Religious Freedom/Finding and Knowing God, and Financial Freedom/Educational and Vocational Goal Attainment


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The most important relationship you will ever have in life is with yourself, then with God, and then others. Until a person is aware of him or herself as a physical and spiritual being he cannot have a desire to know a Higher and Inner Most Power we've come to call God and or Spirit. This is why our first Spiritual Awakening is coming to recognize that thing inside us that wrestles with our consciousness in matters of right and wrong and that gives us guidance and direction. 


Once the relationships with ourselves and our Higher Most and Inner Most Power is in tack all other relationships will come together as they ought to. When we have adversity in our interpersonal relationships we will not be afraid to confront and resolve them because we will have had ample experience building self-honesty and relationship with Spirit that we will find other honest relationships easier to enjoy.


The above is why my focus is on Relationships. No matter what we do in life, home, school, work, church, vacation abroad, we will be faced with ourselves, others and yes even God. 


Here is where you will learn to be free and develop the personal relationships with self, God, and others. Personal Freedom comes easily to those who have done this work. You will be in Harmony with Life. You will have Personal Freedom. From here you will readily develop the discipline needed to achieve any goal you can imagine. 



Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

  • Does Your Success Seem Light Years Away? Do you question your life’s purpose or direction?

  • Do you have Drug Addiction or Weight Loss issues?

  • Do you have Relationship Troubles?

  • Are you Stuck in the Past?

  • Do you Lack Confidence

  • Do you need Health Coaching?

  • Do you Struggle with Commitment?

  • Do you let obstacles get in your way?

  • Are you Afraid of Failure?

  • Need Help Organizing Goals?

  • Are you puzzled by Spirituality and Knowing God?

  • If you answered “Yes” to two or more of these Questions, You need Personal Freedom Coaching!

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Coaching available for Adults, Families, Teens, Couples and Individuals of all races, religions and sexual persuasions. We Do not Discriminate!

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