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The Personal Freedom Center integrates online Personal Life Coaching,  Products and Services with in- person and online Coaching and Classes. Our focus is on Finding Personal Freedom. 


With a strong Spiritual focus, we seek to Coach clients from their belief systems and encourage a spiritual foundation for personal and other growth. We maintain heart-centered approaches to wellness, making sure clients operate from their center in truth and ensure the message of Love gets through in all communications and endeavors. 

Life, Wellness and Relationship Coach, Freedom stresses that the most important relationship that needs to be intact before any other relationships can be successful is the relationship with self. All relationships are built on the primary relationship with self.  Getting to know ourselves and understanding our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are the foundation for healthy relationships with our Creator, our friends, family, co-workers, and others.


Do you want healthy relationships with yourself and others?


Gale says that the importance of having a Spiritual Concept of Living is equally as important as Self-Knowing and God-knowing, and understanding the union that fuses man and Spirit as one. Therefore, all of her therapies are Spiritually based and  “Heart Centered” aiming to assist individuals in experiencing that Oneness within themselves and with our Creator and others and be transformed.


With Heart Centered Therapy, both the Coach and the Clients first work is looking into his or her own heart and operating from there. Clients are encouraged and guided by looking into the widow of their hearts, and accepting what is there, the good and the bad then, bravely facing transforming all that needs changing with love, understanding, gentleness, and forgiveness.


Your life will be transformed as you move through The Pathways to Personal Freedom here with Life Coach and Author, Freedom El. You don’t have to do it alone, but it’s the journey each man will and is destined to take in their lifetime.

Each Month We’ll also offer Life and Relationship Coaching for individuals, families, and small businesses who want to reach their full potential.


Classes, Freedom offers a variety of classes on Love and Relationship Building and Restoration,  Spirituality and Spiritual Study Groups, Understanding End Times and History, Nationality as it relates to our relationship to the Creator.


All are welcome but must RSVP ahead as space will be limited.


As a Life Coach, I will go into our community reaching out to local businesses, and community services to identify families that may benefit from our support services.


I enjoy working with Women and  Children in need of relationship help and will seek opportunities to support them during their process of change. 


As a Minister, I will visit with our local churches leaders, hospitals, and other human service organizations and offer to speak, coach, support, and provide services.


As A Transformation Speaker- I provide transformational speaking to groups and small businesses on various topics that facilitate changes that are both and lasting and life-altering.



 I also perform Pastoral Care duties such as:



Marriage Ceremonies, Baptisms, Last Rites and Funeral Services, Grief Counseling and  

House Blessings,  or Emergency situations and for close friends and relatives! 



Freedom states that her foundation is non-denominational and focuses on healthy transformational relationships with Yahuah, Self, and Others! 


Freedom says, " I have become many things in order to be of service to many

from an educated and professional stance.




You're Invited to Come and Grow With Us!


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